MakeUp Eraser | The Sponge

$26.00 CAD

FIRST EVER MACHINE WASHABLE MAKEUP SPONGE! Bye bye dirty sponges forever! THE SPONGE is specially formulated by The Original MakeUp Eraser using the same unique “WashTech” technology to erase makeup out of your sponge by simple machine washing.

✓ machine washable
✓ non-toxic dye
✓ no special cleansers
✓ reusable
✓ lasts 2x longer
✓ wet or dry application
✓ hypoallergenic
✓ latex-free
✓ vegan
✓ cruelty-free
✓ saves money

Use wet or dry for flawless application.  The wet sponge will expand in size to create a sheer finish.  Pro Tip:  The dryer your sponge, the fuller the coverage.

Dab or glide to apply foundation, concealer, contour, bronzer, highlighter and more

Machine wash in your washball approximately once a week with your MakeUp Eraser/towel load.  Deep Clean:  If you have not washed in over a week or you are a heavy makeup wearer, soak your sponge in your favourite cleanser or detergent for 15-60 minutes prior to machine washing.

Toss sponge and washball into the dryer on high heat.  The higher the heat, the happier the sponge.  Longer heat = less germs